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Serving Sault Ste. Marie and The Surrounding Area for Over 50 Years!

Whether you need your septic system, outhouse or grease trap pumped, need help keeping your streets and parking lots clean or require commercial dump truck service, H. Wellwood & Sons Ltd. can do the job at affordable rates.

Serving Sault Ste. Marie And The Surrounding Areas

H. Wellwood & Sons Ltd. has a long history of offering efficient septic tank pumping service, street, and parking lot cleaning and commercial dump truck service in the region. Dedicated to serving the community, we cater to both commercial and residential clients. We like to take the time to understand our customers' unique needs and tailor unique solutions that match them perfectly. Our work process is detailed and thorough and you can count on us to provide service that will make you happy without breaking the bank!

Our Range Of Services



Septic system Maintenance

Septic System, Outhouse, Restaurant, and Food Services Grease Trap Pumping

Street Cleaning

Parking lot & Street Cleaning

Heavy Hauling and Trucking

Commercial Dump Truck Service


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Keeping your septic system properly maintained is crucial to the life span of your system. Call us today!